Here's a miniature for any short commutes. Like if you're walking to the mailbox and back.


Here's the third installment of my morning commute bus stories. It's always funny, the stories that erupt when you sit somewhere that has as much magnetic stimualtion as a San Francisco Muni during commuter hours, and just start writing. I hope you're enjoying these. Longer to shortly follow.


Here's the second installment of stories written on a crowded-ass bus on my way to work. (Which is still quieter than my office, now that all of San Francisco is under construction.) I hope you enjoy it. Shit, listen to it on your way to work, then it'll be partially interactive. 


Here's the first installment of what I'm calling Stories in Motion. They're nuggets of fiction written on the San Francisco Muni. Don't worry, not every story is about a bus.


[Photo by Candice Nobles-Sanford]

This is a recording of a live reading I did on Halloween at The Hemlock in San Francisco. I'm using the timeless Halloween tradition, which I just invented, of introducing a band via story. Said band is one of favorites, Hangtown. Musical accompaniment to my reading was done by the night's DJ, Ted Petsas.


Here's a scary story for all you Halloween enthusiasts. I also have a hair-raising tale up at, which is a really great online periodical. They always have good Halloween stories and I'm honored to be a part of their selection.

Happy Halloween, I hope this story helps you get in the spirit (pun intended).

-Sean Sanford


Recorded live at Cooper's in Nevada City, CA on August 12, 2017. I had the incredible guitar accompaniment of Hangtown's Nick Polous. 


Here's a compilation of sorts. I call it With a Shadow's Refleciton. Track listing as follows:

A Story Carved into Skin

Veins Running Through Home

Hidden in Song

A Warmth from the Dead

At Rest in the Lake

Ebah's Cabin

The Rooftop

One More Song

I have only myself to blame for the background music. 



Guess what this story's about.


Our Man Daniel

Here's a story of a man's own familial struggle. It has the impecable guest-voice of my dear friend Robb Grimes, playing the role of Dwayne.


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